Thung Kula Rong-Hai Thai Hom Mali Rice

Thung Kula Rong-Hai

Hom Kula rice Rice, known for its distinct fragrance because it is rice  that is grown in the fields of the legendary Naga. The fields are known as Thung Kula Rong Hai or the fields of the crying Kula people.It is a source of rice that has a world-class reputation. However it is not easy to grow crops in these fields. Every season / it is a fight for survival. During the summer the land is as dry as a desert. In the rainy season, is swamped with floodwaters.

Hom Kula rice is gathered by the hands of real Thai farmers. It is passed on from one generation to the next. It is the wisdom / and / care devoted to every step. Attention is given to each grain of rice, filtering out those of poor quality. Carefully making sure crops are not disturbed by the tiniest insect through the use of natural techniques. Ensuring the rice is not overtaken by weeds and planting the crops with organic fertilizer. This is why the fields of Hom Kula is full of life.  In the water there is fish.  It is bountiful.

Every grain of rice has been packaged in a special Hom Kula rice bag with great carein order to deliver the best rice to your hands. It is rice that is slender, white, fragrant, and soft.It is up to Geographical Indication (GI) standards.  Limited amount of crops are grown each year because we select only the best grains of rice.Every spoonful of rice if filled with the power of nature,from the minerals of the sun and the enriched soil.It empowers you to overcome all obstacles and brings success like Hom Kula rice, which has conquered great challenges.This is why Hom Kula rice is recognized internationally as the best rice in the world.

Hom Kula rice is therefore the symbol of Thailand it is not just exporting rice but it is exporting love, goodwill, culture, wisdom and life stories.This is the national treasure of Thailand that we are proud to present to a special person such as you.

ผู้ปลูกข้าวหอมมะลิทุ่งกุลาห้องไห้ (GI)

การเพาะปลูกข้าวไม่ใช่แค่อาชีพ แต่นี่คือชีวิต วัฒนธรรมของเรา!

Mariya Surakhot
Suthathip Phimkhot
Orathai Thammawat
Sanguansak Surakhot
Wanida Surakhot
Bu Simarueang
Somjit Nakorn
Wilai Supphason
Chanwit Phetraksa
Samlee Surakhot
Boonhan Suphasorn
Prani Suphap
Sompron Jaisawang
Uthai Thammawat
Wattana Surakhot
Parada Surakhot
See Suphasorn
Duaenpen Seang
Mak Papabao
Teard Maneenin
Thong Kaeosai
Damrong Supphason
Thoeng Sakaew
Tanom Kansee
Suphas Kaewthong
Subin Namkane
Somsi Simarueang
See Maksee
Say Suphasorn
Puth Boonjad
Prasit Niyom
Phen Simarueang
On Kaewtong
Kan Chanplak
Chai Namkhen
Buala Namkham

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